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Noah Tafolla

My name is Noah and I've been in San Diego my whole life.  My grandparents came in 1940, settled in Ocean Beach, and we never left.  I will never leave.

I love San Diego, so I decided to make a show about it! 

Wonderland is all about everything great in our town...people, places, businesses, everything!

Dining Out with Noah covers all the amazing restaurants we have in San Diego.

All are owned and operated by hard working San Diegan's, makin' some of the best food you've ever had.  Come with me and get an inside look at these wonderful places.

Wonderland and Dining Out with Noah, air on Cox Channel 4, Monday-Friday @ 9:00pm and 10:30pm, throughout San Diego County as well as Orange County, Santa Barbara, Arizona and Nevada.

I hope you enjoy watching these episodes as much as I enjoy filming them.

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